Keeping it real

Have you ever watched a video and thought; ‘Great footage, fab soundtrack, ace speakers - but it just didn’t feel authentic to me…’

You’re not alone in thinking that. Sometimes, a video which includes real people and real places, that isn’t too scripted or perfect can have an authenticity to it that makes it a powerful way to tell a story or share a message with your audience.

Here’s an example of a video we made with “Remember A Charity" asking ordinary people in the street what they thought about making a Will.

If you are interested in using video to tell your story come along to our next 'Video Hero' Workshop on October 15th in central London, where Ravinol Chambers, founder and director of award-winning video production agency Be Inspired Films, will be sharing his top tips and the key areas for creating a video from concept to completion and what mistakes to avoid.