Our Top-Five YouTube Tips To Get More Views!

A lot of our clients have fantastic stories to tell, and choose to use video to share it. But, it’s not enough *just* having great content – you need to be able to share it effectively on a wide variety of platforms online – your website, Twitter and Facebook, DM emails, e-newsletters, Vimeo and Youtube.

One of the most common questions clients ask us, is how they can increase views for their videos on YouTube. Now, our first piece of cautionary advice is, that you shouldn’t get too hung up on stats because views aren’t always the best way to measure performance. But there are some strategies you can follow to increase engagement.

So, with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute (!) to YouTube how do you stand out in the crowd?

1)   Hook, line and sinker.

Many people give very little thought to the title they use for their video and even less to the description – sometimes even failing to add a description at all!

But this is a real waste as there are certain description keywords and titles that fare better in terms of average views (i.e How to…). You have 5000 characters in the description field so be sure to take advantage of this, and be using keywords to optimize your SEO!

2)   Play Tag

Make sure you upload your video to the relevant category but also tag your videos. And don’t just tag with three or four things, try and do twenty (but make sure they are relevant).  The reasons tags are so important is that YouTube can only position your video in search and list it in the related videos column if it knows what your video is about and how to associate it with similar video content.

3)   Talk the Talk

It’s really important to engage with your viewers. The first couple of hours when you post a video can be crucial, and you’ll probably want to spend time actively responding to comments. YouTube also rates you when engagement is high early on in a video’s launch.

4)   Make friends with the other kids

Collaboration is king in this world. By teaming up with other creators or brands you can expand your reach to other audiences, tapping into their networks. Also, subscribe to other channels you like, get involved in their discussions. Odds are, if you show you’re an engaged community member all over, then people will begin to check out your channel too.

5)   Keep them coming back for more

Building a strong subscriber base is essential. And to do this you need to be giving your viewers incentives to be coming back for more, such as regular publishing, or calls to action.

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