Cisco predicts that globally, by 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of ALL consumer Internet traffic.

This means that EVERYONE, whether you run a business or charity or work in the public sector, will need to be creating REGULAR VIDEO CONTENT to capture and maintain the attention of your audience.

There are two main challenges with this...

1. Can you afford to hire in the professionals to create video for you on a regular basis?

2. Do you have the skills and confidence to create good video content yourself?

If you answered NO to both of the above, keep reading...

We deliver the 'Video Hero Programme' over 90 days. The learning is hands on, immersive and fun covering strategy, story and skills and we are there to support you and hold you accountable for your own success based on your own tailored 90 day Content Plan.

For individuals and small groups we invite applications to the Open Programme which runs three times a year in January, June and September.

For teams and larger groups we can arrange a 90 Day Programme to suit your needs. It is one of the best team building experiences your staff will ever go on, as well as creating a hugely powerful resource of storytellers inside your organisation.

2 hour Video Hero Workshop

Introductory workshop on harnessing the power of video to grow your business or charity.

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90 Day Programme for individuals

The 4 month 'Video Hero' Programme kicks off with 'hands-on intensive' on February 1st & 2nd 2016!

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90 Day Programme for teams

Our 'Video Hero' group programme is a great team building exercise as well as unleashing the video heroes in the office.

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Don't take our word for it! We're trained hundreds of people over the last six years. Have a listen to what they say...

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Why should you be using video?

Video is a super powerful marketing tool and expanding year by year. Check out our video below to find out more!