Three tips for top storytelling in your video!

Storytelling is the MOST important part of creating compelling videos. So here are our top three tips to help you tell your story to the best of your ability...


Get Clarity

1) Get Clarity

Think long and hard about why you are creating this video and who you are creating it for. Think about what you want the end result to be.

A video which will motivate the public to give to a cause will be very different to a video that is aimed at convincing policy leaders to amend laws or a video which showcases a product on your website.
Be clear what your call to action is and don't forget to be direct about it at the end of the video - do you want people to buy something, sign a petition, donate etc? Give them something to follow through on, even if it's just a "please share this video" at the end.

2) Connect


Knowing why you are creating the video helps you connect with your target audience. Look around at what others are doing for inspiration, but also trust that you know your audience too.
Do you feel humour may capture people's attention? Or do you think a candid face-to face appeal may work best? Don't be scared to try different approaches and see what works.


Keep it simple

3) Keep it simple.

It's tempting to try to put everything in to one video. But short and sweet is best for online, especially if you want to share on twitter and facebook.
Creating simple, regular content will help you tell your story multiple times and help you target different audiences in a tailored way. 

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Lara Barbier

Lara Barbier is a producer, researcher and writer for Be Inspired Films. Lara was born and raised in a variety of countries, she's worked for an eclectic mix of companies including the United Nations, National Public Radio and the digital creative agency Large Blue. She is currently studying a part-time MA in Screenwriting. In her spare time she can usually be found scribbling down story ideas or immersed in a good book with a cup of tea.