St Lukes Hospice learn to use video: Memorable humour for impactful community support.

We’ve identified that getting patients to tell their stories and event participants to talk about how they enjoyed events is a much more effective way of getting the message across.

— Pam, Director of Fundraising, St Luke’s Hospice.

St Luke’s is the local hospice for Harrow and Brent. They care for people whose illnesses are no longer curable, enabling them to achieve the best possible quality of life during the final stages of their illness. 

St Luke’s took part in our 2 Day VideoKnowHow training course, which took place over a month in April/May. I joined the team at St Luke’s for our second day, and I was amazed at how many smiles, care and attention to detail went into their VideoKnowHow experience.


This memorable humour has added impact to their message and helps to communicate their separate messages and show their teamwork, care and respect to people within St Luke’s Hospice.

Working alongside them, they showed me that their community based projects and various events adhere to a very open arms, fun attitude which helps to connect with the community. It’s this that helps raise their much needed funds.  

Overall, I was surprised at the level and quality of work produced within the two days we were there. This became not only a new experience to develop their relationship as a team, but also an opportunity for the organisation to come away with new digital skills and assets which can be used for years to come.

You can hear their own thoughts from the day below.

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Written By Conor Gorman, New Business, Be Inspired Films.


Lara Barbier

Lara Barbier is a producer, researcher and writer for Be Inspired Films. Lara was born and raised in a variety of countries, she's worked for an eclectic mix of companies including the United Nations, National Public Radio and the digital creative agency Large Blue. She is currently studying a part-time MA in Screenwriting. In her spare time she can usually be found scribbling down story ideas or immersed in a good book with a cup of tea.