Our 'Video Hero' Group Programme is a great team building experience, as well as a powerful investment in your people. You'll get absolute clarity on your story, learn to develop your perfect pitch as well as the skills and confidence to create regular video content so you can educate, engage and inspire your audience all year round.

This is the real value - for roughly the cost of creating one professional video you can have a whole team equipped to consistently create powerful video content to grow your business or charity exponentially as a result.

The programme is delivered over 90 days kicking off with a two day 'hands-on intensive' workshop at your premises followed by a series of coaching and support webinars and a whole package of online and printed resources.

Who is it for?

  • Charities, social enterprises and foundations
  • Universities, schools and colleges
  • Housing associations
  • Membership organisations
  • Public sector organisations
  • Creative agencies
  • News agencies
  • Medium to large businesses
  • Corporate teams
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The details:

What's covered on the 2 days 'hands-on intensive' training...

  • Getting to the heart of your story (how to bring it to life on camera)
  • Getting your pitch right (techniques to be natural in front of camera)
  • Effective interview techniques (getting the best from your subject)
  • How to plan for success (before you touch the camera)
  • To camera and off camera interviews (knowing which to use and why)
  • How to frame your shots nicely (a fail safe system to follow)
  • Making the best use of natural lighting (no need for expensive lights)
  • How to get good sound (don't make the rookie mistake and miss this)
  • What equipment to get for good results (at different budget points)
  • Learning to film with your editor's hat on (keeping the end in mind)
  • How to edit your videos (creating the story, cutaways, music and titles)
  • Sharing your videos online (exporting, uploading, tagging and sharing)
  • And much more!

What's also included to ensure your success is bulletproof...

  • 3 follow up 'knowledge embedding' coaching webinars with Q & A
  • Your own 90 day video content creation 'Action Plan'
  • Your own video distribution partner 'Action Plan'
  • 20 royalty free music tracks
  • 6 VideoKnowHow 'cheat sheets' for event filming, off camera interviews,
    to camera filming, setting up a YouTube channel, visual montage storytelling
    and the best equipment to get fully set up at each budget level
  • Tailoring the course to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Tell me more!

When you book our 'Video Hero' team programme we will come to you - just provide the venue and we bring the rest - any where in the UK!


Non - profits / public sector (< £1million income) £6000*
Non-profits / public sector (> £1million income) £8000*

SMEs £8000*
Corporates £12000*

Please note: We can provide all the camera equipment, microphones etc for the training. We can also provide laptops for those that do have their own. If you can bring your own laptops that will be ideal and if you already have cameras and microphones we can make sure you learn using your own equipment too.

*All prices are EX VAT and travel expenses where applicable