PODCAST: Attract and convert with video marketing – Lights, Camera, Traction.

It’s so important for businesses to build relationships with their customers, and video is a great way to do this!  Sharing videos regularly increases customer engagement and helps build strong long term relationships.

As a guest on Excellence Expected this week, our Founder/Director, Ravinol Chambers shares his insights into creating your own videos as a business, and how this can help you reach more people and share your stories with the world!

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Make sure you listen out for the section at 13:44 where Rav shares some of the biggest mistakes people make when making their own videos – truly invaluable.

Rav’s five common video mistakes

1)   Including too much in one video

2)   Lack of clarity

3)   Poor sound

4)   No call to action

5)   No clear plan for distributing the video

6)   Having no budget or not having a clear budget

You’ll also want to pay attention to Rav’s top tips at 23:32 on making your own video and his ideas for how to use video to further your business – it really is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

Rav’s three top tips for creating your own videos:

1) Plan well – don’t touch the camera until you’ve planned that film.

2) Stay Focused – have a clear objective for the film and stick to it.

3) Practice regularly and have some fun.

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