Our Mission

There are lots of really great organisations out there doing good things. But many of them aren't communicating their message effectively using video, sometimes due to lack of technical know-how and other times because of financial constraints. We believe that everyone has a great story to share with the world, and we want to empower everyone to use video.

Rav and his team made the process of creating a video so fun, and really took the fear out of the equation. Couldn’t recommend his course highly enough.
— Joesephine Bloggs, The Organisation We Love

Why choose us?

  • We've trained over 50 organisations around the UK to date.
  • We're one of the most affordable short courses for video production.
  • We only use working professionals as our tutors, to give you up to the moment relevant knowledge and industry insights.
  • Many of our VideoKnowHow clients go on to collaborate with us to make other films.
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Our clients are so important and we accomplish a lot together etc.