There are two parts to any video edit. I like to think of them as two train tracks. One is the narrative or the story - the part which you hear. The other is the visuals that support that narrative and that also tell a visual story.

Your narrative or story will often be driven by interviews you will have carried out or may be a voiceover you have recorded. If your video is interview driven, you will probably want to show the person speaking on screen so that you can introduce who they are. As a viewer we do not want to watch someone talking for long, so in your edit you will want to 'cutaway' to other visuals that are more engaging but support what is being said.

Here is an example of USING CUTAWAYS EFFECTIVELY in a crowdfunding video we created for Ethical Fashion Forum for their new 'MySource' product launch. They are an exciting organisation looking to revolutionise the fashion industry to become more sustainable.